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How Trippy Oregon Is Bringing Psilocybin Truffles Mainstream

In December, the Oregon-based company announced the acquisition of Mera Life Sciences. Mera Life holds several psychedelic licenses in Oregon. The company plans to utilize Mera’s St. Vincent and the Grenadines lab to create a scientific research and development division. That entity will explore novel clinical applications for a variety of plant-based psychedelics.  “The acquisition of […]

What Are Psilocybin Spores? Everything You Need to Know and Grow

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Psilocybin spores are tiny one-celled reproductive units that have the capability to grow into fleshy, fruiting bodies of psychedelic mushrooms. You can find these hallucinogenic mushrooms growing on forest floors or rotting logs across the United States. (But it’s best not to eat what you forage unless you are a well-versed mycologist. Eating the wrong […]

Hawaii Moves to Legalize Psilocybin Treatment

Hawaii may soon be more than just Paradise. It may also be a psychedelic therapy hub. A new state measure aims to legalize psilocybin, the hallucinogenic compound in certain mushrooms. The new bill was introduced by democratic Senators Stanley Chang, Laura Clint Acasio, Les Ihara Jr., and Maile Shimabukuro. If approved, Hawaii’s Department of Health […]

Oregon Voters Legalized Psilocybin Use. But What About Micro-dosing?

As some of the experts chosen to usher Oregon into the age of psilocybin mushroom therapy sat down last week for a Zoom meeting, two of them had a bone to pick. At issue: whether the Oregon Psilocybin Advisory Board would get to hear from the “Godfather of Microdosing” this week. The exchange took place […]