What Are The Short And Long-term Effects Of Shrooms?

These days, ingestion of psilocybin-containing mushrooms has become a quite common method for improving general well-being. Among different health benefits, users usually highlight a mood-improving, increasing creativity and focus and reduction of anxiety and panic. However, the effects of shrooms are also likely to appear, and they fall on the ones that may last for a few hours and ones that are noticed for a longer time. Keep reading to get familiar with various shrooms effects that will help you to understand the consequences of magic mushrooms` actions.

Short-term effects of shrooms

Psilocybin, as well as other psychedelic substances like LSD, is considering the drug that influences the user’s consciousness and the world’s perception. This way, the act of magic mushrooms may cause unpredictable and mostly unpleasant system reactions. The most potent effects of doing shrooms appear 2-3 hours after an administration while general shrooms` effects are noticed for 4-6 hours, although it anyway depends on some individual factors, like health condition, age, weight, and so on.

One of the most common effects that appears while a psychedelic trip is hallucinations. The user usually hears the sounds, sees the thing, and feels the sensations that seem real, but they actually don’t exist.

These hallucinations are described as seeing vivid colorful patterns or faces, hearing quiet or loud voices, seeing the walls are moving, feeling like you can fly, and others. The hallucinatory effect comes within 20 to 90 minutes after an administration, and in most cases lasts for around 12 hours.

Additionally, a bad trip is also a potential risk of consumption of the magic mushrooms – to tell the truth, this experience is usually quite terrifying. The only escape is to let the bad experience pass, even if it seems like a real nightmare.

A user may feel the physical and mental short-term effects of shrooms straight within 20 minutes after ingestion, up to 6 hours. These effects often include:

  1.     Increased heart rate & blood pressure;
  2.     Rapid breathing;
  3.     Poor coordination;
  4.     Dilated eyes;
  5.     Sense of relaxation;
  6.     Weakness;
  7.     Nausea;
  8.     Vomiting;
  9.     Diarrhea;
  10. Sleeplessness and dizziness;
  11. Dry mouth;
  12. Tremors;
  13. Potent hallucinations;
  14. Seeing colors more vivid;
  15. Time distortion;
  16. The feeling of fear and horror.

Changes to blood pressure and heart rate can lead a user with pre-existing heart conditions to strokes and heart attacks. If the magic mushrooms are permanently abused, it can easily cause heart failure in a user. In the same manner, problems with breathing connected with psilocybin abuse usually lead to lung failure as well as muscle and brain damage since there is a lack of oxygen. Moreover, changes in the world’s perception and conception the reality can lead a user to self-damage without understanding it. There is where the person’s disability occurs.

Long-term effects of shrooms

There is a common belief that the physical long-term effects are a quite rare phenomenon. Anyway, their appearance is often related to the pre-existing physical disorders that are intensified due to the psilocybin impact. Besides, physical effects that last for a long time may be also connected with the plural doses or while the administration with other substances, like alcohol or cannabis.

As it turns out, two of the most serious long-term effects of shroom abuse are persistent psychosis and the appearance of flashbacks – these states are determined as the hallucinogen persisting perception disorder. HPPD often includes visual violations as seeing halos around items and potent hallucinations. This condition is occurring unpredictable and concerning. To the users` reports, it may happen even after first-time psilocybin administration.

The long-term effects of shrooms often come due to the shroom`s impact on the brain – psilocybin is likely to cause changes in neuron interaction. This way, permanent use of shrooms can lead to continuous action to the brain neurons. Typically, shrooms` long-term effects are determined by the next signs:

  1.     Disorganized thinking;
  2.     Decreased motivation;
  3.     Depression;
  4.     Increased panic;
  5.     Psychosis;
  6.     Increased paranoia;
  7.     Visual violation;
  8.     Mood swings;
  9.     Bipolar disorder;
  10. Schizophrenia.

To sum up, mental effects are more likely to appear compared to physical ones. Users will probably suffer from mental conditions of varying severity, but once again it all depends on individual factors and conditions. Keep in mind that these effects do not happen every time and at the same time, you can’t predict when they will appear. You would better decrease the dose of magic mushrooms if you have already noticed some potent mental or physical effects.

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