Is it Safe to combine Cannabis and Magic Mushrooms?

There is no proof that there are any physiological risks that result from taking mushrooms and also smoking weed at the same time. However, issues may arise depending on your level of tolerance, the way you use it, as well as your ethics.

When you mix the two substances, you’re dipping your toes into abuse because the effects of the drugs will amplify each other. The risk of being in a negatively altered state of mind has more to do with the environmental hazards that prevent normal functioning than the substances themselves.

Based on physical evidence, smoking cannabis and consuming magic mushrooms simultaneously results in what is termed “The Machine”. This is where the consumer feels the urge to continuously boost the trip, and this could lead to uncontrollable intensity.

This is the reason why we see mixing the two substances as just on the border of drug abuse. There are no clear physiological risks, although there are no evident additional benefits that come with consuming mushrooms and smoking weed at the same time. This is the reason why mixing would be completely recreational and highly experimental. That could cause an unhealthy desire for mixing more and more substances.

If you decide to boost your trip by lighting up a blunt after considering the possible risks, then you will experience an extremely intense trip.

As we said before, the first drag of the blunt is normally enough to prompt “The Machine” and this will intensify your urge to smoke, even more, so you will basically function like a smoking machine.

The analysis of “The Machine” shows that it combines the psychoactive effects of both drugs on your brain and this creates an infinite thought loop. You will continuously have the debate going on in your head about whether or not you should smoke. And each time you take a drag of the blunt, it’ll fill just like you’re doing it for the first time whereas you could have taken dozens of drags.

If you have a trip sitter with you, they could help in stopping “The Machine” from going too far. They could help you measure your smoking, so you don’t succumb to the machine, and you can have a calm, euphoric trip with brand-new ideas and thoughts flowing through your mind.

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