Who Incorporates Shrooms In Their Art?

Psychedelic art is typically a special art that contains vibrant patterns, neon colors, surrealistic signs, creative typography, and is associated with depth of subliminal mind. Today, the interpretations of psilocybin mushrooms take their place in modern art, however, this tradition comes from the mid-60s psychedelic culture. Vivid poster arts have evolved over time and now become a part of current culture that not everyone will appreciate.

Still, many artists are delighted by a psychedelic mushroom art, and rapidly gaining popularity among shrooms` fans and art connoisseurs. Keep reading to comprehend the specifics of magic mushroom art, and discover what painters include psychedelic art in their works.

The 70s psychedelic art

Psychedelic art firstly appeared in the 60s, when the eye-catching posters have represented a visual pattern of the American acid rock. At the same time, such pop art was developing in the UK, but in a bit of slight manner. Didn’t know about each other, these two sides of art were actively increasing popularity, providing an interpretation of a body feeling as well as a state of mind at the expense of drugs.

Many experts talk about the difference between British and American psychedelic poster art of those times. In the USA, it was a bigger affair that lasted up to the early 90s, seeing the activity of the band The Grateful Dead. American art was considered much harder and aggressive, that is not surprising since the USA has lived through the Vietnam War, racism, etc.

In Great Britain, conversely, psychedelic art has found its place in spiritual acid works that were more innocent and easy. British psychedelic art was at its peak in the 60s and 70s, though.

If we talk about the artist who includes a representation of psychedelic drugs in their works, it first goes to Victor Moscoso, Mouse Kelley, and Rick Griffin who act in San Francisco in those times. They referred to various sources of inspiration, like cartoon characters and Art Deco posters, to create unique psychedelic art. While British painters Nigel Weymouth and Michael English tried to put into fashion a new poster style with mysterious symbols, like flying saucers, to promote events at the well-known UFO Club.

Current psychedelic trippy art

· Meditative art

This type of modern psychedelic art is associated with meditation during the psychedelic trip; it helps to express the author’s creativity. Representative of meditative art is Laural Virtues Wauters from Germany, who connects it with a spiritual experience.

· Digital psychedelic art

Originating in the 90s, digital psychedelic art is determined by complex two-dimensional or three-dimensional visuals that are made by using a computer. The series of such great unusual art is created by Lucas Samaras – he is a true legend in the world of modern art that truly impresses.

· Neo surrealism

Current surrealistic works are a combination with the pop art of the 70s – it is a dreamy art that represents unreal creatures or fictional characters related to the subliminal mind. Jacek Yerka is one of the painters who work in this style.

· Visionary art

The most impressive and complicated works at a point of craftsmanship are visionary art. Typically, such art style includes Utopian themes mixed with mystical vivid visuals and geometric complex patterns. A famous artist in visionary art is Alex Grey from America.

· Fractal art

Fractal art goes for a two-dimensional visual with symmetry in a priority. Such works are usually done on a digital computer, and look like a photo. Kerry Mitchell is a representative of this style in art.

How to draw psychedelic art?

Art on magic mushrooms is not an easy task, but possible to perform. The best way to draw shrooms’ art is using a gadget (laptop or computer). Creating the art is not a one-day mission to complete – you need to be familiar with modern psychedelic art to understand in which direction you should move, or even to have a psychedelic experience to represent it in your work.

The key features of art done on shrooms are a spiritual aspect, creative unusual themes, original typography, fluorescent inks, vivid bright colors, patterns, and geometric shapes, etc. Keep in mind that your shrooms trip art needs to be unique, interesting, and mystical. This way, making the right art concept will be appreciated. And the last – don’t try to create your art clear for everyone. Psychedelic art is typically noticed by the real fans that know the meaning of modern art on shrooms.

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