What effect does orange juice have on psychedelic Trips?

Many people often develop several formulations/alternatives that they believe can efficiently help them evade a rather negative experience. Trips are not exactly wrong in themselves, but they can be extreme depending on the psychedelic, its effects, the emotional state of the user, and the amount consumed.

Most people end up with a bad trip when the dose of the psychedelic they consume completely contrasts their emotional state. We understand that things cannot be all rain and sunshine when it comes to our countenance. Different days come with other challenges, and you could be excited one minute and sad the next. An intense psychedelic trip is undoubtedly not one you want to experience while nursing some somewhat disturbing emotions.

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Regardless of how they are feeling, people want to use psychedelics anyway, and psychedelics amplify the user’s concurrent emotional states. It gives it a bit of a nudge to set it on a roller coaster. All these would be less of a worry at much lower doses. Still, people feel the inherent need to couchlock themselves while feeling the intensely reverberating impact of a full-on psychedelic trip.

It gets rough here, and people end up experiencing a nerve-racking trip which you would agree is a “bad trip” because all trips are supposed to feel good even if they render you inactive for most of the day. People love using psychedelics at higher doses, and hence, you can say that the occurrence of a bad trip is never too far from them. Many people seek fruits with citric acid to tone down the risks of a lousy fallout whenever they use psychedelics on a seemingly off day.

Lime is the most common one, and recently, orange seems to be the next best thing that psychonauts consider using to prevent a bad trip. It is fast becoming the perfect cure-all remedy for the worst reactions to high doses of psychedelics. People even often ask for the best species of orange to make an orange juice that would enhance their trip. Drinking orange juice can potentially stop a lousy trip and ultimately ruin a good trip.

The relationship between orange juice and psychonauts goes beyond just an alternative. Psychonauts can perceive themselves as a cup of orange juice when they reach the peak trip stimulation in a different realm. That’s not looking like it could be approved as non-fictional. So, just what impact does orange juice have on a psychedelic trip? Can it possibly enhance the effects of a trip or, better still, help one put an end to a bad one?

You would do well not to listen to underhand practitioners’ experiences above the opinions of the more experienced psychonauts. They have blatantly denied the orange juice’s capability to affect the trip experience. But certain other fruits can function effectively.

Orange Juice versus Psilocybin

Acetic acid is a significant component of citrus fruits, and it hastens the metabolism of psilocybin to psilocin and its absorption in the body system. That fact echoes the opinion of James Giordano, who is a respected emeritus of neurology and biochemistry. As a result of using something like orange juice, the effects are bound to start much earlier and be much stronger than they would typically be. Unfortunately, oranges have a wee bit of acetic acid in them, and it’s a lot more in lemons.

Store-bought orange juice has low acid content compared to homemade fresh orange juice. The acid content is reduced to prevent it from bothering the stomach of consumers. For even the fresh oranges to be effective, you’d have to add a little bit of lemon. But lemons on their own are more than adequate.

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Orange juice combo with a psychedelic-like magic mushroom cannot be effective compared with lemon juice. Get your perfect dose of shrooms and squeeze some lemons into the water. Take a drink before you ingest the mushrooms. You can diversify and join a couple of other users who soak mushrooms in lemon juice to make a unique form of lemon-shroom tea.

Aside from lemon, a couple of other citrus fruits could probably function well. Grapefruit juice, for instance, contains a pleasant mix of compounds that can inhibit enzymes that are always quick to break down drug compounds. The enzymes tend to initiate a rapid and intense psychedelic experience due to the potency that arises. According to the founder of Psilera Bioscience, Chris Witowski, psychedelics like MDMA and ketamine compounds are most subject to the effects of these enzymes. One particular class of these enzymes in the body is the cytochrome enzymes. It doesn’t work so much concerning Psilocybin magic mushrooms.

How does Orange Juice pair with LSD to end a bad trip?

We have considered its effects with psilocybin, but what about LSD? Most of the comments we have had pointed to the effectiveness of using orange juice with LSD even more than with psilocybin. Are these anecdotes believable? There’s technically no scientific explanation to back it up. Thus, it remains a mystery, that is, the truth of whether it stops a bad trip or not. Both Witowski and Giordano evaluated the reports to show that the vitamin C component of orange juice can potentially raise serotonin levels. Serotonin elevation can indirectly improve the intensity of a trip, and this fact is even subjective without proper research to support it.

No juice can end a bad trip; the orange juice has no hidden chemical compound that can materialize to put a stop to a bad trip simply. The LSD would already have established itself in the brain, and taking orange juice afterward would be pretty useless.

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With MDMA, however, it could aid hydration like every other drink. The dehydration that you might feel may not particularly lead to thirst. Thus, it rules out the option of satiating their appetite with water. If anyone takes the orange juice, it could merely enjoy the sweet taste. Overall, orange juice cannot be proven to affect a psychedelic trip.

The only notable fact is that it could hasten the rapid onset of a psychedelic trip when you use fresh oranges with magic mushrooms. The experience is a lot faster, and it comes stronger as well. But it could be a mental state of bliss that gives those who feel like using orange juice enhances their trip

It is not harmful, and if anything, it keeps you hydrated. We cannot confirm whether it can cause hallucinations either. Many of these statements have to be backed by science to draw any accurate conclusion. We don’t know enough about the potential of psychedelics yet not to talk about stopping some of its relatively more potent effects. But only time will tell as psychedelics, in general, are decriminalized worldwide, leaving room for the pursuit of knowledge into the use and long-term impacts of these compounds in general.


Juice or not, you can make the best of your shroom trip when you feel like. You can try lime tekking if using orange juice doesn’t work for you. But do not expect for it to end a bad trip. You should avoid that event altogether by opting for lower doses that your body can tolerate. And also use magic mushroom when you are emotionally balanced to avoid an awful shroom trip.

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