Knowing more about the Golden Teacher Mushrooms

There are numerous options to consider in choosing any strain of mushrooms. Your process of selection just got a lot easier. This article guides you in identifying one of the most popular strains of magic mushrooms. If you are also looking to grow your batch of Golden Teacher magic mushrooms, this is a delightsome read that will help you know the right spores to grow.

Many people have seen the fanciful side of growing mushrooms, and when you try, you would be bewildered by the wealth of options that you can choose from when you visit an online vendor like NUPEP shrooms. The possibilities are split between the Amazon B+, penis envy, and golden teacher mushrooms. Unless you have a degree in mycology, these mushroom strains might come off as totally unheard of.

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If you conduct a market survey, you’d hear bold claims about the distinctive features or effects that each strain offers different types of impact. The notable results felt at different intensities are mostly introspection, euphoria, spiritual epiphany. And growers tend to have a hard time choosing which strain’s spores to buy when they have to consider the reported potencies of each strain.

To help you do this, we will be looking at a whole different scope of science that will help you to sort out the rumors from what is true about a strain of mushroom. The secret is often hidden in the name of the shroom.

Choosing to grow Golden Teacher spores

To choose which spore to grow, you should understand the differences between strains, species, and cultivars. Maybe they have a lot of similarities that tend to make people use them interchangeably. But oh, how precise their definitions can get.

Magic Mushroom Species
We think the species will be much easier for you to understand, so that we will start with that. Biologically, a species refers to a group of genetically identical lineages that cannot be genetically bred with other species of the same kind of plant and animal. The way has disproved that definition. We have examples such as Liger (a hybrid of a lion and a tiger) or a mule (you can guess a fair hybrid of both a horse and a donkey?

There is currently no new information that suggests any hybrid species of psilocybin-containing magic mushrooms. The few we know have only been distinct through lab experimentation that involved comparing one species to another. The information derived is still not enough to fully ground the results as the correct basis for the perceived genetics and potency of the strains. The existing literary reports show significant discrepancies in terms of alkaloid content rendering the current body of facts void of complete credibility.

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When you visit a shroom dispensary to go spore shopping, be conscious of the scientific nomenclature of the mushroom. The most common is Psilocybe cubensis; the genus is Psilocybe, while the species name is cubensis. It is the first sign that you are onto the correct species. There are undoubtedly other species, such as the Psilocybe Mexicana. In a way, crossing the two species could be equivalent to crossing a human with a fly. Well, maybe the difference cannot be that far apart. Until any scientific fact is published in a credible journal, we will maintain our stance on that fact.

There tend to be confusing arguments once it all varies slightly beyond the scope of species. The idea of strains and varieties dampens discussions. People mess things up when they coin new names for strains without any factual information to explain why they are thus named. Vendors in a bid to commercialize are guilty of this fact. One fact is clear; all strains are subgroups under the same species. And when it comes to magic mushrooms, Psilocybe cubensis is the most common. The strains under the species are capable of interbreeding without restraints.

An instance of this is Tidal wave strain, a hybrid product of the combination of B+ and Penis Envy, which won April 2021’s potency test of the Psilocybin Cup hosted by the Oakland hyphae. The strain was a product of the deliberate interbreeding of strains by experienced growers due to mutations. A strain that clearly distinguishes itself should have a stable list of characters that growers can replicate every time. It means that if they try to regrow it, it would have the same properties as before. That is what it truly means to isolate a species. It is not by its funky look or its one-time use. People can obtain a mushroom’s spore and grow it as a clone, and if you are lucky, you can come out with something different from the original.

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Cultivars differ in the sense that they develop from spores. Spores only contain a portion of the general traits of the parent shrooms; the mycelium tends to accumulate its characteristics. If you isolate these spores long enough, you can get a definitive mushroom distinct from the original strain. It gives rise to unknown mutations that offer a wide range of potency. You can never truly get bored growing mushrooms with this kind of experiment. You can deliberately choose spores based on potency, growth rate, etc., in a bid to achieve a stable cultivar. Unlike cloning, cultivars show a higher degree of differences from the parent and in-between generations.

What is the impact of the differences between species and cultivars on potency?
You can identify a species and a cultivar now; it’s time to dive into how any of these can affect the potency of shrooms. Most growers don’t care about exciting factors like developing unique growth characteristics to improve the physical appearance of shrooms. All they focus on is the potency. There is no evidence that potency has anything to do with genetic differences among the strains.

The marked difference in potency of species is a subject of interest in modern research. The psilocybin content and level of alkaloids in each strain are being reviewed. Considering the results, we already have, it has been suggested that the most potent species of naturally occurring shrooms is the Psilocybe azurescens.

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Anecdotal experiences have shown that one of the most potent strains of the cubensis species is the Penis Envy. Although, this has no research guide to back the claims up. A group of scientists at Oakland hyphae has resorted to improving the understanding of general strain potency through the “Psilocybin cup.” The group took a scientific approach to determine the variance between psilocybin and psilocin in over 60 strains of shrooms supplied by multiple growers. From the conclusion they drew, we can say that they have affirmed the anecdotal claims about the potency of shrooms.

The Tidalwave strain we mentioned earlier won with a measured psilocybin content of about 0.14%, and it was valued at 2.26% of the total dry weight of the strain. The results trumped those of other strains included in the study. It wasn’t necessarily saying it was the most potent, but it showed how the psilocybin content in different unexamined strains could determine their potency. It would take further research for a newer set of facts to back this up and establish proof of potency as it differs per strain. As a grower, intending or already established, you can check out the study of Oakland Hyphae to guide you.

How to grow your own Golden Teacher Mushrooms
Psilocybe cubensis is a suitable species to start with as a startup grower because it is easy to grow, and the strains have similar requirements for cultivation. They have almost equal demands for light, temperature, and humidity. You can tell which strains can give you more value for your money by the data collected by Oakland Hyphae. Using them can make you banged up more than you can expect, ensuring you buy from a trusted vendor like Mungus with an enviable track record of impressive reviews from customers.

You need a trustworthy vendor to know if you are getting real value for your money. Aside from the physical color, such as the golden cap, it can be difficult to distinguish between the golden teacher and others like Mazatepec. You could mistakenly buy Ecuadorians instead of your choice B+ strains. Penis Envy is unmistakable given its prominent appearance, like the male genitalia. Of course, that is where it’s got its name from. Choosing shrooms on a whim is much better than seeking potency or doing endless research on the internet. Worrying will not make the decision any easier.


With more experience, you can try to grow other species of shrooms, such as the Mexicana (Psilocybe), Panaelous cyanescens, or any other naturally occurring Psilocybes. Note that every species presents its form of challenges which you will have to work with while growing them. Some are incredibly hard to find, especially under the Psilocybe cubensis species brand. Golden teachers exist and may be more common than other popular strains of shrooms.

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