Everything You Need To Know About Microdosing

Many people want to know what microdosing is, and many want to know its health benefits to mental health. Also, some often ask what the history and origin of microdosing mushrooms are. Don’t worry,

Answers will be provided for every question boggling your mind about microdosing.

A visualization of the Stoned Ape Theory

Gathering the History of using psychedelics for various health conditions, especially those relating to mental health started in the 1960s, when Terence McKenna, a successful American psychonaut and ethnobotanist. So, from the findings made, a handful of knowledge has been got about the origin of microdosing, and how psychedelics came to be. It should otherwise be known that research is still ongoing because more and more findings are still unfolding about microdosing mushrooms. Terence McKenna made more reference to psilocybin, stating that the natives of Southern Amazon and Nepal used this substance in performing different types of their cultural rites. To learn more about the project McKenna carried out, you can explore more by visiting our website https://www.nupepshrooms.com/

He delved more into this concept by conducting different researches on psychedelics on his own, this greatly helped his knowledge of microdosing psychedelics. This researcher and a very few others in this field of psychedelics became the earliest set of researchers that advocated for psychedelics. Their popularity became more profound both in America and Canada during the 1960s and 1970s. McKenna alongside others was the one to come up with the stoned age theory where he postulated that the evolution of humans from home erectus to homo sapiens was ass result of the including psilocybin in their diet.

He further explained that around 100, 000BCE when humans suffered extreme drought and famine. So, the Africans at that time were forced to move from the tropical regions and lush to continue their survival under very harsh and tough environmental conditions. It was recorded that life over there was very unbearable because they had little or no food to eat. This led humans to start hunting down ranging animals, especially cattle that were roaming the African continent at that period. He added that their first encounter with psilocybin was when they found out that psilocybin grows on cow’s dung. So, it was evident that the earliest people of this time must have fed on animal dung in their bid to harvest these shrooms. Buys shrooms online here https://www.nupepshrooms.com/

Terence believed that when mushrooms are consumed in small doses and fresh, the consumer could have mental and visual experiences. These persons experience clear vision after using psilocybin, this was why they said hunters in those days benefited from the use of psilocybin. It was also said that they went deeper into the altered state after they had consumed doses of psilocybin. These psychedelic substances helped them imbibe in them the art of music, language, and culture. Another research was conducted in 1971 by Roland Fischer and Richard Hill who discovered that a closer link exists between psilocybin and visual clarity. The results of the study showed that when psychedelics are used, their effects lead to the alleviation of spatial distortion.

So, if this theory has any iota of truth in it, then humans have been consuming microdosing psilocybin since ancient times. Buy shrooms in Canada by visiting Nupep Shrooms on https://www.nupepshrooms.com/

Dr. James Fadiman, who is the Godfather of Modern Microdosing

James Fadiman has contributed immensely to the development of psychedelics, and it should be noted that the bull of what we know about microdosing mushrooms today was through the doggedness of James Fadiman. This psilocybin researcher was born to Jewish parents in New York and attended Harvard for his degree in Bachelor of Arts, after he had finished Harvard, he left for Paris where he met with his advisor (Ram Dass) when he was still at Harvard. Ram Dass was the one who introduced Fadiman to psychedelics, specifically psilocybin shrooms. Fadiman said his first encounter with this substance was very fantastic, he then proceeded in the newly found passion by joining Dass, Aldous Huxley, and Timothy Leary in an event that has to do with Applied psychology in Denmark. The event bordered on discussing the importance of psychedelics to humanity. This was the turning point for Fadiman because he never forgot what he came across at this event. This was further proven to be true because when he got back to Stanford, he pursued both his Master’s and Ph.D. in psychology focusing more on psychedelics.

Fadiman was among the earliest theorists of psychedelics, he and others came up with the concept of “sub-perceptual dosing” which is generally known today as microdosing mushrooms. He was on a team of researchers who conducted a study using the problem-solving approach at the International Foundation for advanced study situated in Menlo Park, CA. The research aimed to establish whether what had been earlier said about psychedelics helping professionals solve problems was true or not. The results that were seen initially were said to be promising, until when the research team was told by the US administration for food and drug to put the process to a stop in 1966. It was said that a moratorium was declared as it concerned the project stating that the project was being used as a means to glorify the use of illicit drugs by using humans as subjects.

This came as a big blow to Fadiman and his colleagues, and they felt so bad that they wouldn’t be able to move on, but they had no choice but to proceed with the few results they had had using about 22 human subjects before they were coerced to stop. The subjects they used were all professionals in different fields. For instance, some were mathematicians, engineers, etc. Since they couldn’t dose them further, all they did was follow them up for six months with the earlier dosing try had practiced on them. The interview they had with every individual who participated in the study showed positive results. Each person testified about experiencing problem-solving effects which went on for a long period. It was just a single dose of psilocybin they had and they reported a lot of breakthroughs in their various endeavors. Some of the breakthroughs they had were; the development of a mathematical expression for NOR gate circuits, vibratory microtome new design, a private apartment and an arts plaza’s blueprints, a probe experiment designed for space to identify solar features, a model for a photon, and many other achievements. More breakthroughs were made, know more here https://www.nupepshrooms.com/

An account of the annual congress of applied psychology David, Fadiman, Timothy Leary, and others went for in Copenhagen, Denmark.

At the time, Fadiman was 27 years of age and he was already assertive about what he was getting into. He knew that the importance of psychedelics was immense and he was ready to explore them, of course, barring whatever the FDA would do or say about it. However, he continued with his study more privately now, since he couldn’t do that in the limelight. He developed a new strategy that he thought would be able to help him do that. He then founded an organization that would help talk to and counsel individuals that still find ways of buying and using psychedelics. These consumers had a way of getting their shrooms from the black market, so he reached out to these consumers of LSD, magic shrooms, etc. with the plan of providing counseling to them. He garnered information about the experiences of hundreds of people for 40 years, and at the end of these four decades, he was able to come up with his book on the concept of psychedelics. He called it the “psychedelic explorer guide.’’

This book was detailed describing the experiences of people who had at one or two points in their lives used psychedelics. His choice of people was that of professionals like creative professionals, professionals in academics, etc. He also emphasized the universal claim that people had about the various benefits of magic mushrooms microdosing. This book was able to generate a lot of popular contributions and a good number of people began to talk about the benefits of magic mushrooms again. From there, the renaissance of microdosing began to bloom again and it began to spread to other pp arts of the world. A few other highlights will be shared about stories of people who advocated for the use of microdosing;

Stephen Gray’s Story of microdosing magic mushrooms

He was described as a student and teacher who researched a lot about spiritual paths. He vigorously advocated that the benefits of microdosing mushrooms are quite immense and that the ban on psychedelics should be lifted to be able to explore these benefits. He went on by describing the effects of a medium to high dosage regimen of mushrooms to be able to trigger experiences like profound insights, real mysterious experiences, visions of immense beauty, and a plethora of love, among many others. He then stated that low-dose psilocybin mushrooms have much fewer advantages than medium to high doses.

Upon consumption of low dose psilocybin-containing mushrooms, the result was always a very subtle, but very sharp-mindedness and emotions. He confessed that he became much more agile and focused when playing his guitar than before. It was noticeable that I developed a better ability to remember music lyrics than ever before. Also, he said he had a softened heart which allowed him to have an interconnectedness with the music and his own emotions. He testified he began to grasp the meanings of songs that had earlier on eluded him. After consuming microdosing mushrooms, you become defenseless, and you enjoy straightforwardness, rather than being defensive about your behavior and other related issues. Ingesting an amount of a micro-dosed mushroom shouldn’t be difficult for people to consume on their own.

Anita, whose profession was modeling in New York said she developed a habit of taking just a pinch of magic mushrooms daily. And she found out that she became emotionally sharp and was able to see the world as interrelating, but not disjointed. She described her experience as a blissful one.

One professional guy who played bass guitar, who also was an avid surfer said he ingested just a small amount of psychedelic compound before he went out to surf the previous day, and the whole experience was thrilling and life-changing. He stated that the effect was very profound and the special thing about psychedelics to him was that he was able to experience reduced depressive symptoms that were a result of his break-up with his girlfriend after a long-term relationship with her. He expressed that the breakup devastated him, but with the help of psychedelics he was able to get over it.

Another researcher of psychedelics who would prefer anonymity shared his own experience too. He relayed to us a very interesting story of his that occurred during his time at the University of California, San Diego. He began by saying that his introduction to psychedelics was a very convincing one which happened on a fateful day when he was about to take a biology course in preparation for the school of medicine. He needed to stay alert throughout the time of the class, so he learned that LSD could do the thing. So, he ingested a very small amount, but very effective psychedelic compound. He said the drug helped him develop a kind of brightened enthusiasm for the course and his professor. To him, the course wasn’t an interesting one nor was the professor taking it lively. But, with the help of LSD, he began to show interest in both of them, and with time, I became very fine with the course. Unfortunately for him, he missed the final exam because his health was down, so he needed to arrange for a makeup exam with his professor. After they had met, a time was fixed for the exam. On the exam day, the professor asked them to take the exam in a wetland wilderness very near the biology lab. He continued by describing the layout of the wilderness to be a stunning one, which he had never before given thought to. The question given to him was to describe the development of a chick starting from fertilization to hatching, and that was all for the final exam. He felt so stunned and dismayed at the question because at first, he said he couldn’t imagine being able to recall the whole process. But all of a sudden, he began to notice that he could process a visual picture of the whole developmental process in her mind when he closed his eyes. The ideas he was getting were like in a movie where he saw that the process was so clear in his mind’s eye. Within a few minutes later, he stated that he was able to reproduce the entire events in his exam booklet, and that was how he ended up being able to give back to her professor the entire content of the course. He spent more than 1 hour dealing with the drawing of the twenty-one-day wonders. “By the time I had finished the drawing, and to my amazement, my newly loved professor attested that I would be getting an A!” so he told us.

Several millions of people living in the US and Canada have also come out to state their experience with microdosed psychedelics. They went on to say that their experience was superb and that they’re forever grateful to researcher Fadiman for his thorough commitment to developing psychedelics.

Examples of drugs that can be microdosed


Many drugs that can be used in microdosing psychedelics are available for human consumption, but for this article, only the seven most common of these drugs will be highlighted. Note that some of these drugs might be illegal for use in your society and also harmful when taken without proper medical advice, so appropriate care should be taken about these drugs. This is only meant to be some form of a report about microdosing psychedelics, not to be used for recommendations or guidelines for use.

Psilocybin-containing mushrooms

This is the first on the list, and it’s the most popularly used by users in the psychedelic world, and of utmost popularity when it has to do with microdosing psychedelics. The reason for this is that the compound is uniquely natural, meaning you can easily harvest it and prepare it for a psychedelic journey. It’s highly consistent and has immense benefits. Among the testimonies given by its users include; sharp visual acuity, ability to become more creative, unique ability to demystify problematic issues, deep connections with every part of one’s body and the world at large


The full meaning is Lysergic acid diethylamide and it’s commonly referred to as acid. This drug is common among psychedelic users, and inarguably second to psilocybin. It’s suitable for both microdosing and ingesting higher doses of psychedelics. As a lab-grown drug, it was developed by a Swiss scientist named Albert Hoffman during the 1930s. It picked up since this time and has now become a household name among users of psychedelics like psychonauts and psychologists. It shares almost similar characteristics with psilocybin with an additional effect known as a ‘buzz of energy that follows the microdosing of this substance. In a more concise description, a microdose of LSD causes higher than that of psilocybin.


This type of psychedelic has been called many names from weed to marijuana, etc. It numbers among a handful of drugs that people revered among others in the psychedelic world. There is more than one way of ingesting this drug substance, you can smoke, eat, or do whatever you like with it. Cannabis is widely used to manage pain caused by inflammation or muscles that are sore as a result of exercise. It was also reported that cannabis causes alleviation of anxiety symptoms.


You will also find N, N Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) to be very commonplace among psychonauts, but its acceptance is kind of inferior to that of psychedelics earlier talked about. With the help of celebrities like Mike Tyson and Joe Rogan, DMT became known in the world of psychonauts. These guys spoke about the brilliant effects that DMT produces when administered. It was reported that most users of DMT consume microdoses as in breakthrough therapies, but recent studies have shown that microdosing DMT has also proven to be very effective in offering excellent experiences. There is a lot of lack when it comes to researching DMT contrary to that of LSD and psilocybin. However, Charlie J. Benson, Lindsay P. Cameron, and free others from the University of California conducted a study on DMT on whether it could treat certain mental disorders like depression and anxiety. After the study, it was evident that microdosed DMT was able to offer some effects that could cause a reduction in depression in affected individuals. This was the basis for why microdosing DMT is used in certain therapies.


Ayahuasca happens to be a name given to a collection of plants herbs that are used for certain traditional practices of people in the South American areas. Looking at all the brews, it was discovered that almost all of them have DMT as a major component. Though the use of taking isn’t that common, its psychedelic effects speak for it. Many users of this substance said that it allowed them to become more open and more spiritually connected. But caution with this one is that users could get lazier if not conscientiously used.


Iboga, whose full name is Tabernanthe iboga is identified as a shrub that is native to the people of Gabon, in Congo. Iboga is now commonly grown all over West Africa because of its testimony about being a very effective hallucinogen. It’s very important to take high caution when using this drug because it could cause significant fatalities if not properly used. Anecdotal studies showed that upon ingestion of iboga, many addictive and various compulsive behaviors are being checked. Understand that not much research has been done regarding this plant, so users should endeavor to be more careful before consumption.


Looking for a recreational psychedelic drug, then ketamine is a perfect option. Studies revealed that it served well in tranquility and anesthesia. Many other people that put it to use reported that it made them euphoric, and also triggered psychedelia in them. Ketamine was recently studied and found to offer therapeutic effects in sufferers of depression and other mental-related diseases. Also, certain mood disorders like PTSD have been shown to come down after treatment with ketamine.

Reasons for microdosing

  1. Individuals’ self Management of mental health disorders- many people turned to psychedelics because they wanted some ways out of their mental health challenges aside from the conventional pharmacy stores.
  2. Promotion of psycho-social wellness- another common reason why many microdose is because they wanted to be accepted by all around them. They wanted to strike a balance between many areas of life
  3. Promoting cognition- they believed that with psychedelics, they’d be able to focus more on things that matter which will help them become more productive in their works. They also felt it helped them to be as creative as they’d never be without them.

The Benefits of Microdosing

Some schools of thought theorized that with psychedelics your system, information absorbing, and being more creative become easier to do. Having ingested some little amount, individuals doing it have to struggle with comprehension or analysis of information, it comes so easily. The thinking pattern becomes more aligned and clear. Frivolities are not given chance to when thrive, only activities that will greatly enable productivity level will be allowed to thrive. Buy shrooms online by clicking this link https://www.nupepshrooms.com/

Alleviated symptoms of depression and other related mood disorders- Resourceful studies showed that psychedelic substances have proven to be very potent therapeutic drugs than regular psychiatric drugs. They greatly helped psychiatric patients to get significant relief from their disease conditions. Many posters have even given many names to psychedelic drugs; they called them ‘lifesavers’ or life-changers, and so on.

They enhance mindedness and insights- users stated that these drugs helped them to deeply reflect on past life circumstances. They also said that microdosing psychedelics has helped them to think clearly, and also be able to come up with strategic ideas about how to solve their life problems.

Mood and attitude improvements- microdosing psilocybin-containing mushrooms has helped many to experience brightened the mood and also imbibed in the users a significant level of enthusiasm which has never been felt on days without these drugs.

Improved health conditions- microdosing has helped many users to have a change of attitudes and practices. They were able to adopt new health benefitting behaviors which have immensely made them healthier.

The Limitations of Microdosing

It has often been reported that out of the challenges people faced whenever it had to do with psychedelics, the problem of dosing appropriately has been at the forefront. Many kinds of literature have clearly stated that many users often macrodosed instead of microdosing. Overcoming this challenge shouldn’t be daunting, all you need do is contact a supplier you can fully trust to supply you with an already pre-measured dose of microdosing psychedelics. Be sure the supplier carries out this activity in a sterilized laboratory. No matter the form of microdosed magic shrooms you want, either a capsule form or shrooms’ chocolate, you can rest assured that you’ll get it. Another group of users reported that some unpalatable effects come alongside the good effects. Normally, you don’t get to feel any side effects on the first day of your microdosing, but expect some of them during your off days. A user complained that he experienced a headache that kept coming n going. However, he said the symptoms were quickly resolved without causing prolonged discomfort. Another complaint was reported about a user who said he enjoyed sharp vision on the day he ingested the microdosed psychedelic compound, but he felt extremely sluggishly the day after. But the truth is that the effects will differ from one person to person depending on several factors.

Direct Survey Input to answer the question, “can microdosing psychedelics help me?” Here is an insight from this survey.

A team of researchers carried out a study at the University of California seeking to know more about the issue, and their results were published by the end of 2020. What this team did was ask people who had had experience with microdosing psychedelics in the past for their feedback. A Series of questions were asked and the responses were tracked down. The study was specific, in that the team of researchers wanted to know the benefits that using microdosing psychedelics would have when it comes to treating mental disorders in affected individuals. This study turned out to be very interesting because of the given sample size, and also encouraging given the recent increase in the knowledge of people about the inadequacy or ineffectiveness of traditional herbs previously used in treating some of these illnesses. By the end of this research, it was glaring that the next big thing to happen in treating mental health illness is the use of psilocybin-containing psychedelics. This was because studies have shown that these substances are greatly potent to combat almost all of these mental health disorders. Buy shrooms Canada by just clicking this link https://www.nupepshrooms.com/

It is quite important to note also the downsides to this concept as stated by these study subjects. This is to infer that some people gave reasons why they can’t continue receiving the treatment. About 8.35% of the study participants verbalized that the drugs were too costly and that buying them would break their budget. 22.65% of these people stated the difficulties often experienced before one obtains the drugs. 24.28% of the study subjects talked about the risks users of psychedelics would have to go through because using them was still considered illegal. So all these turned them off when it comes to microdosing psychedelics.

Also, about 4.94% only said the treatment wasn’t effective to combat their mental health challenges, and lesser than 4.20% gave the complaint of suffering unpalatable side effects after using psilocybin-containing psychedelics. This information has so far proven to be a very resourceful one propelling this field of science further.

Microdosing is the future.

Often, when you think you’ve known all that’s necessary to be known about psychedelics before going on the experience, then you find yourself in a tight position regarding how to microdose. Here’s a practical guide that will help you find your bearing when considering microdosing psychedelics.

This is a wonderful question to be asked, and succinct answers will be provided promptly to help you further in microdosing psychedelics.

1: Set an Intention

It’s of great necessity that you carefully meditate on what your intentions or reasons for microdosing psychedelics are before you even embark on the experience at all. This helps you to carefully navigate your way around the dosage regimen that will be required for the type of psychedelic experience you want, either a microdose or a macrodose. We often refer to this step as the step of “setting of the intention.” The intentions one has in mind before ingesting have great power to determine what the experience will try out to be. Several intentions are possible, one could want to use this substance to improve his mental health. Another one might intend to use it how to increase his focus to become more creative in the project he’s currently doing. Another group of users might probably want to microdose to help them navigate their ways around the day-to-day social activities.

Setting a clear goal will enable you to get a thrilling experience out of the event.

2: Dose Carefully

It is no longer news that many users of psychoactive drugs have more often than not mistakenly macrodosed themselves rather than microdose. This has been a major challenge often facing psychonauts. How to be free from this mistake is to make sure you carefully measure out your correct dose. You must have known that if you’re deciding to ingest dried shrooms, then you should grind it into a powdery form, after which you can now measure out the appropriate dose. The reason for this is that grinding makes the psilocybin content go even in the shroom. Grinding makes you sure that the dose you’ve measured out will have a consistent amount of psilocybin content. In addition, it will be to your utmost benefit to work with a psychedelic product that has already been measured out, before packaging by professionals. On this, you can rest assured that you won’t fall into making the mistake of wrong dosing psychedelics again.

3: Dose Early in the Day

Taking your shrooms’ dose is very important and required to have a thrilling and goal achieving psychedelic experience. For instance, ingesting your psychedelic dose after eating in the morning allows you to fully explore the effects of the substance. So, by the time you’re going to bed at night, the effects are almost wearing off.

4: Follow a Schedule

To efficiently have your expectations of consuming psychedelics fulfilled, you’ve got to follow a reasonable schedule. Microdosing psychedelics has to be done regularly to explore their full potential. There are several ways by which you can plan this activity to make it follow a regular pattern which is necessary to achieve your goals. You must have heard that to fully explore the total package of microdosing psychedelics, you have to be very consistent. This is a true saying!

5: Actively Reflect

It’s required that you can mark the difference between how you feel when in your altered date under the influence of psychedelics and how you would normally feel when not on any psychoactive drugs. Active reflection is very cogent and it’ll help you to know which schedule, type of drug, the dosage will work best for you.

6: Share Your Results

The world is always awaiting your feedback on the psychedelic experience, so if this is your interest, you’re very free to tell others about your experienced. To share your experience with the rest of the world, click here https://www.nupepshrooms.com/


We can’t talk about how magic mushrooms affect the nervous system without talking about the components of magic mushrooms that make them offer psychedelic effects. Psilocybin is a hallucinogenic substance that is contained in magic mushrooms that make them psychedelics. Also, psilocin is an active metabolite found in psilocybin shrooms that have undergone metabolism. This psilocin is strongly hallucinogenic and it has great affinities for several neurotransmitters through binding with their receptors.


To explicitly grasp the difference existing between LSD and psilocybin, it is crucial to first know that both are referred to as psychoactive substances which are categorized under the group name of psychedelics. Psilocybin is more organic in its actions, but LSD is mostly inorganic, also called an acid. But both are psychedelic in nature meaning when consumed, they offer an altered state of consciousness.


Measuring the risks associated with consuming psychedelics as to be dealt with considering whether you’re a starter or an already made psychonaut. For starters, the risks are higher because these users haven’t gained mastery of the entire process while the other group is composed of individuals who have become experienced in using psychedelics.

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